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Zen Inspired Jewelry Creations

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Our Turquoise Zen Stone earrings are designed to embody the harmony and nature represented in the ancient tradition of stacking stones.  Each stone in the trilogy serves a different purpose and corresponds to its own unique meaning.

The bottom or base stone reflects the reclining rocks that are placed in a Zen garden to represent the earth. This stone is often known as a root stone and is placed in the foreground to bring harmony.

The middle stone represents a warming element. When placed in a Zen garden, this stone is considered a branching stone since it arches and branches out to encompass the life and nature in its surroundings. 

The top stone is horizontal and flat and represents the physical and spiritual mind and the body and placing ourselves completely into our experiences.
Zen stones are layered with centuries of implications of favored usage for contemplation and reflection. I hope that you find your inner peace and tranquility with these earrings as well.


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