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What story does your jewelry tell? The intimacy of wearing a locket.

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Lockets by design capture and carry the most meaningful and personal stories. They provide a way to keep close life’s most significant moments, ideas, and inspirations. While providing an inherent mystery, filled with intrigue and unrivaled exclusivity. They have the ability to literally hold the most cherished memories close to the heart. 

We personalize these timeless pieces with photos of special significance,  There are endless possibilities for personalizing a locket.  Lockets contain personal stories that are only for the wearer to tell.  You never know who is inside someone’s personal locket. 

Often worn underneath clothing, close to the heart and rarely noticeable by anyone other than those with whom the wearer chose to share her personal story.  Lockets provide the wearer with a personal space in which she can keep her most valuable moments, special messages, and photos. The appeal of lockets is that they empower women to choose whether to share their stories with the outside world.  

Designed with vintage appeal to capture the essence these pieces evoke emotion.

Given as a gift the locket can hold an even deeper meaning as shared by the giver and the gifted. Whether its memories, a promise or a wish to be fulfilled.  

There is something alluring about the secrecy of a locket. It’s a chance to keep private an image of personal significance. With a locket, you can hold a sentimental item close to you and be in charge of who - if anyone - gets to see it. It’s an item for you, and you alone, to hold close.

There are several items you can install something highly personal such as a miniature portrait, a quote or affirmation, a personal goal, or the picture of a place they want to visit.  It can even be a small love letter, a lock of hair, A slip of paper with a prayer or wish, aromatics, or good-luck charms.

Visit our locket jewelry page to find the perfect locket that fits your story.


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