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The Quintessential Fall Earrings

Posted by stone wishes on

You know that one pair of earrings?  They're your go to when you're not sure what to wear with an outfit.  I'd like you to check out the Boho Teardrop Beaded Earrings.  I think they have the perfect fall color tones.  They're a kind of burgundy/red/brown combination.  They're hook so they are super easy to put on and they have a nice length so they dangle just the right amount.  You know.  Just enough so they don't get distracting?    But they are also intricate.  There are 3 layers of bead design.  At the center is a pale not quite pink bead.  Surrounded by a darker red tone mimicking the raindrop shape with each bead outlined in multiple gold tone points to make a diamond.  And then to complete the pattern another set of beads outline the shape in a nice shade of autumn brown.  Because of their neutral tone they are very versatile and go with pretty much any and every outfit.  Let me know what you think and what your quintessential fall earring would be.  If for some reason it's not the Boho Teardrop I will try to procure it for Stone Wishes.  Wishing you a wonderful day, night, evening and everything in between.


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