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The New Everyday Earring

Posted by stone wishes on

When you think of the typical everyday earrings usually you think of something from the single gemstone stud variety.  Something small and not too distracting.  Something classic so that it can go with literally everything.  You can leave them in while you sleep or while you change clothes.  It can even, I think, come to a point where we  forget that we even have them in at all.  

But I would like for you to consider switching things up a bit and offer for your consideration one of the newest additions to Stone Wishes -- The Mini Five Petal Zircon Flower earrings.  They still have a classic zircon gemstone at center but offer more of a stylish component to take you from the day into the night.  They are small enough to still be everyday practical, meaning that they won't catch on anything, but striking enough that so many others will.

Their size makes them versatile for any occasion be it going to the gym or a night out on the town.  The five petal flower has a textured matte base giving it a more subtle look while the shiny curved exterior and inside, plus the zircon sparkle make it all the more special.  The flower is a classic look that you can wear with anything, be it your oldest pair of ripped up faded blue jean denim to the beautiful black crushed velvet dress reserved for only the best.  

Yes, they're the one less thing to think about on in the morning that you won't want or need to take off at night, but they also very well may be you're new go to everyday earrings. 


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