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Let me see your Charm Bracelet - Conversational Jewelry at its best

Posted by stone wishes on

One of the most unique and distinctive pieces of jewelry ever to be created is the charm bracelet.  So many different styles of bracelets are encompassed by this one classification.  And each and every one is special in its own way.

Legend says it was Queen Victoria who truly made this a fashion staple, having been said to personally tailor each and every charm for its recipient.  

Today charm bracelets can vary in size, color, style, theme and so much more.  I've tried to encompass all of these elements in the Steel Coil Charm Bracelets offered at Stone Wishes.  

Each bracelet has a central theme as suggested by the main traditional hanging charm at its center highlighted by its color and position and even more so by a complimentary classic round bead immediately to its side.  This is the main theme and opening statement of the bracelet.  It's the very first charm everyone will see and provides an opening to the "let me see your charm bracelet," or aka "let me get to know you better" bracelet.

There are two steel charms hugging either side that friends and acquaintances will have to get closer to look and see.  Granted it's not as intimate as sharing some gossip or revealing a secret, but it is personal in that it's something you wear close to you, and to truly see it you and all of its detail you have to invite someone to see it.  

I like these bracelets because they are strong and simple.  The modern classic design is bold and friendly and by keeping the number of charms to just five it keeps it clean, light and manageable.  it's the perfect amount to share without overwhelming your new friend.  

I invite you to check out the Steel Coil Charm Bracelets for yourself and consider inviting in new people via this very special jewelry.  



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