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Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains - Jewelry which evokes empowerment

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I love jewelry that evokes a sense of empowerment for and by its wearer.  And nothing seems to say that more to me than the imagery of mountains.  As the largest presence on land they hold a quiet, unassuming confidence reserved for only the few that dare to climb and see the world from its unique perspective.

I wish all of my patrons all of this and more.  I wish you inspiration to define whatever it is you seek and the conviction that you can and will achieve. 

There are three mountainous jewelry items currently in shop:

The Mountainscape Ring - Minimal in design the ring features an outline of four mountain peaks of varying sizes two of which include traces of snow that their apex.  The ring is delicate and small but has an open design so that it can expand and grow and be adjusted as needed.  Two spheres are at either end of the ring to help keep it in place.  

The Sunrise Mountain Bar Necklace - A unique shape for a pendant.  This necklace features a mountain stretched across a metal alloy bar.  The mountains are actually separate and affixed to the bar as an additional layer.  At the top right is a golden sun ready to begin a new day.    

The Mountain Through the Forest Circle Pendant - The classic circle pendant with a twist -- it's sky is hollow.  Features twin mountain peaks at the center complete with carved out grooves to represent its rough terrain.  A small forest of shadowed pine trees line the bottom.  

I hope one of these items inspires you.  If there are any other mountain designs or other items that help you find inspiration please let me know if the comments and I will try to source these.




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