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Kitty Cat Jewelry - Keeping your kitten close to you when you're away

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Our cats mean everything to us.  They're cute little faces hold our love and affection.  Kitten jewelry is just one way to keep them near and let others know how much of a kitty lover we are.  Cat jewelry also makes a great conversation starter to meet like minded people who also love their cats.  

At Stone Wishes we have several cat kitty jewelry options to show off your love for your kitten including:

Inspiring Cat Jewelry

The quintessential just hanging in their cat.  It hangs from the chain displaying its full body from paws to tail.  This is a mini cat necklace so others may get close to see your cute little kitty.  But she is so cute.  


Magical Cat Jewelry

There's something very mysterious about cats.  They have an ancient history and appear to be almost the keeper of many secrets or even past lives.  The cat in the moon necklace captures this mystique about cats perfectly.

Cat Tail Jewelry

Cats take great care in how they swish their tails.  Holding them majestically high in the air showing off their pride.  The cat tail earrings feature these tails in a unique, witty and unexpected way. 


Cute Kitten Jewelry

Then of course there's jewelry of just the kitties being cute.  The cute kitty earrings do this perfectly showing a full kitten on each ear with adorable eyes and swirly wirly tails.  

Playful Cat Jewelry

Coming soon is an adorable necklace with a cat playing with a glowing moonstone ball of yarn or something magical only a kitten could capture.

Please visit our Cat Jewelry page to find all of these pieces and find something that reminds you of your precious kitten.   


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