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Get the Look - Stacking Bracelets

Posted by stone wishes on

There's almost an art to stacking bracelets.  Nothing is wrong, but you definitely can put some thought into it and showing what is your own style.  Each bracelet is an opportunity to show something about you, who you are and even how you are feeling that day.

One common method for stacking bracelets is having a coordinated theme, whether it's color or bracelet style such as bangles or beads.  Having something similar in each bracelet helps put them all together.  

Another trick is to have one bracelet stand out in some way.  Maybe with a charm or a complementary color or even a different bracelet type.  Oddly, sometimes having one contrasting bracelet can make it stand out more than just having one bracelet at all.

You can change their order and have a completely different look.  You can have similar bracelets next to each other or choose to keep them on opposite ends.  You can have different size bracelets and determine how much of your wrist or arm to decorate.

Even better when you buy a set of stacking bracelets you get several bracelets in one.  So you can choose to just wear one, one day and then the whole set the next.  All of the possibilities of mix and match will expand your jewelry wardrobe.  

I've just introduced stacking bracelets to the shop and want to know what you think.  It's the Tree of Life Stacking Bracelets set.  It comes with four unique bracelets each one beautiful on its own but complementary to the other three.  The bracelets are a combination of earth tone beads with gold tone flower overlay designs and a small amount of turquoise for an element of surprise.  A swing tassel and tree of life charm complete the look.

Let me know what's your ideal stacking bracelet set and I will try to procure them for the shop. And of course, I wish you all the best.  


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